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October 2015


Automated Laundry Systems & Supply

October 1st marked the company's 35th anniversary. It is with sincere gratitude that we acknowledge the dedication of our team, the trust of the clients, and the support of our vendors. Thank you for choosing ALS&S.

Chelsea Kelly

Congratulations to Chelsea Kelly for celebrating her first anniversary on October 2nd! Always a delight to work with, Chelsea ensures that our accounting flow runs smoothly. It is her goal to provide promptness and accuracy when attending all accounts whether they be customers or vendors. Combined with taking the initiative and her pleasant demeanor, she is a very valuable asset!

Mike Martin
Sales Representative

Mike has hit his two year anniversary with us at ALS&S! Time flies when you're having fun, and Mike knows how to make work fun! He has honed in on our CPI Microfiber Line as well as Tersano's Hi-Cap Aqueous Ozone Housekeeping System. Always enthusiastic and eager to learn, Mike works to make every experience a good one for his customers.

Kim Foust
General Manager

They say 33 is considered a lucky number, often associated with harmony and creativity. Celebrating 33 years with the company, this notion couldn't better fit our General Manager, Kim Foust. Hired in 1982 by the company's Founder, Dick Wells, Kim's first job was to work the front desk. Eventually, she took over accounting, supported sales, and on to being promoted to GM. Kim has been instrumental in the company's growth and finds each day to be a challenge, but also rewarding. We are very fortunate to have Kim as our GM, and she will always be a valuable asset.

New Finishing Equipment Promotes Higher Production While Saving Time

In today's world, every smart business is looking for an edge that will increase their bottom line. Flatwork Finishing Equipment over the past several decades has become a staple in larger hotels and power laundries. Machines that can feed, iron, fold and stack, drastically cut production time, allowing for employees to perform other crucial tasks; increasing work efficiency, increasing overall production, all the while maintaining a high quality finish. In recent years, the need for more energy-efficient Flatwork Finishers has come into focus, and can be seen throughout the industry now.

The Hotel Alyeska decided they were ready to upgrade and reap all of these benefits, and made the choice to purchase new Chicago Finishing Equipment. Nestled at the bottom of the Chugach Mountain Range in the heart of Girdwood, Hotel Alyeska attracts a wide variety of clientele seeking the local beauty of a natural glacier, to hitting the slopes, ready for a skiing adventure.

To keep up with their demand for linen turnover, Chicago's reliability and overall efficiency made this an easy choice. Chicago Dryer Company offers various selections of Separators, Feeders, Ironers, and Folders making your setup fully customizable.

If interested in saving time, energy, all while increasing production, please call Kerry at 907.771.0104 or drop her a line.