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Not sure if owning a coin-operated laundry is for you? In addition to sharing our vast knowledge of the industry, Automated Laundry Systems & Supply can provide demographics and projected income analysis based on your specific location. We will talk to you about the realities of store ownership and other revenue streams, inspect your location, provide a floor plan and utility schedule, work with your contractors during the construction phase, install and program equipment, celebrate your grand opening and provide service support for the years to come.

We know the challenges that “Bush Washeterias” face in their remote and cold climate locations. We can provide customized laundry equipment, for example a coin-operated steam dryer equipped with a second steam coil to provide hydronic heating or large capacity softmount washers designed to be installed in buildings that are built on pilings.

Perhaps it is time to replace your old, worn out equipment with today’s energy efficient washers and dryers. Contact us to learn how new equipment will save utility dollars and increase your bottom line.

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Please call 907-771-0111 to talk to one of our experienced salesmen.