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Partnered with Speed Queen, we provide energy efficient commercial washers and dryers that are built for reliable performance. Made in the USA and refined for more than a century, Speed Queen laundry equipment features cutting-edge innovations that improve performance and minimize costs.

When it comes to the laundry and housekeeping needs of the Oil, Gas, and Mining industries in Alaska, Automated Laundry Systems & Supply has you covered! We supply a variety of equipment from large capacity washer/extractors and tumble dryers for main laundries to smaller, energy-efficient styles for employee housing.
Create a healthy and spotless environment for you and your employees by using Tersano’s chemical-free aqueous ozone sanitizing and cleaning technology. Combined with our DOSE Housekeeping System and our high-quality microfiber product line we are providing you with a full-line of cleaning solutions to complement all your housekeeping and kitchen cleaning needs. We understand the unique needs for these industries, and strive to provide products that show results.
It is well known that working in these industries in Alaska can be tough,

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