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Dry Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

We carry and complete line of dry cleaning equipment and supplies from major manufactures such as Columbia Ilsa, Permac, Ipura, Unipress, Forenta, White Conveyor, Miele, Sankosha, Hi Steam, Fulton Boiler, R.R. Streets, and many more. We provide parts, technical service, laundry and dry cleaning chemicals and a full line of wire hangers, cleaner’s chemicals and ancillary items. Our same day supply delivery services are designed to meet your current needs. Call us today to learn more.


Perc is gone! Ipura is the answer to economical dry cleaning, using new ecologically friendly petroleum solvents. Ipura brings the best features together in a machine that produces finished goods fast and reliably with quality results for your clients.


Forenta, made in Tennessee is the work horse brand in the finishing industry.


Sankosha invented the automatic shirt finishing machine. Manufactured in Japan, every inch is a portrait of Japanese quality and ingenuity.