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Consulting & Design

Known as Alaska’s laundry experts, Automated Laundry Systems & Supply has designed and equipped state-of-the-art commercial laundry facilities, coin-operated laundries and dry cleaning plants throughout the State of Alaska. Our extensive knowledge and combined 170 years of experience in the laundry industry will assist you in completing your project on time and within budget. Whether you are in the planning stages of a new laundry, working on an efficient and cost-effective remodel, or replacing a single machine, we are here to serve you. a, Focusing on energy-efficient, reliable equipment and advanced laundry technologies, we represent the leading manufacturer’s giving us access to the right equipment for your project.

Not sure if owning a coin-operated laundry is for you, in addition to sharing our vast knowledge of the industry, we provide useful demographics and projected income analysis based on your specific location. We will talk to you about the realities of store ownership and other revenue streams, inspect your location and provide a floor plan and utility schedule, work with your contractors during the construction phase, install and program equipment, celebrate your grand opening and provide service support for the years to come.