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A division of ALSS - Automated Chemical & Equipment Solutions (formerly ACE Chemical and Equipment Solutions) is Alaska's premier Dishwasher Leasing, Sales, and Service company for Energy-Star Rated ADS Dishwashers since 2017.
Discover huge savings by receiving Chemicals,Parts, Service, and Emergency-Service at no charge with one of our Dishmachine Lease Solutions. Inquire today.
When 'CLEAN' is ESSENTIAL - there is no better time to inquire about upgrading your Restaurants, Bar, Supermarkets, Schools, Bakeries, Commissaries, & Caterers with state of the art Dishwashing Equipment, Chemical Systems, or Ozone Systems - all to streamline your CLEAN processes.
HIgh Temp DISHmachines
HT-25: Wash, rinse, and sanitize in as little as 45 seconds - Fastest in the industry!
HT-35: Clean in a 72 second time Cycle - the only NSF approved machine to clean
Utensils, Pots, Pans & Dishes!
HIGH or LOW temp - the ultimate choice.
244 Racks per Hour - Operates ONLY when Racks are Inserted
Unrivaled cleaning ability
Each ENERGY STAR qualified commercial dishmachine can save businesses about 90 MBtu’s, an average of $850/year on their energy bills. In addition, businesses can expect to save more than $200/year and 52,000 gallons/year due to reduced water usage
ET-PD/-H & ET-AF Gravity-Drain
90 Second Complete Clean.
Perfect for Restaurants, Bars, and Fast Food Operations.
Upgrade your cleaning system with the most efficient and reliable kitchen equipment available.
HIGH CAPACITY / Double Duty Models
5AG-S/5CD, & 5-AG-ES
Cleans 74 racks per hour.
Available as a pass-thru or corner unit, custom made for your kitchen.
Pass-thru or corner machines
AF/AFC-ES. & AF/AFC-3D-S & AFB Bakery
Available in either 90, 120, or 150 second time cycle. Greater Door Clearance - wash taller warewash items. Built-In chemical dispensing.
Schedule a free kitchen audit to determine if Automated Chemical & Equipment Solutions can provide cost-savings through our leasing program or inquire about purchasing a dishwasher.
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We Choose Accurate over any other dishmachine Product
Accurate has solutions not only to clean and to sanitize, but to protect your customers and your reputation. Accurate products clean better and deliver quality results... a cleaner facility is a safer one.
And with our Dema Dispensers the advantage is clear - a closed loop system that cannot be spilled, splashed or mixed by hand which greatly reduces the risk of employee contact with chemical concentrates, helping employers maintain a healthier, safer workplace.
Plus, we take into consideration all angles of energy consumption and provide the best formula for overall energy reduction while maintaining quality cleaning results within your establishment.
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Warewash dispensing
If the Dishmachine you choose doesn't have a built-in chemical dispenser, we have the solution. Designed to reduce headaches & downtime - DEMA’s Titan II is the first of its kind with its unique auto switchover mode designed to reduce service calls and create a more profitable installation. Ask about our Warewash dispensing systems today.
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